Curití Fique Runner Rug
Curití Fique Runner Rug
Curití Fique Runner Rug
Curití Fique Runner Rug
Curití Fique Runner Rug

Curití Fique Runner Rug

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Fique is a Colombian fiber commonly used for rug and basket weaving. The fiber comes from the family of agave plants, and like hemp, it does not need any fertilizers or pesticides to grow. Making this fiber an natural organic fiber. It is also a fiber that needs very little water to grow, making it a very resourceful fiber and a great sustainable option for natural fibers.

Our runner rug is hand woven by a family of artisans from the Santander region of Colombia. Woven in a vertical loom, this rug is hand knotted for 2 weeks and the result is a perfectly crafted geometric modern rug for outdoor and indoor spaces. Sold in a standard medium size and also available for custom sizing per request. 



  • 100% natural fique fiber

  • Dimensions: 30" x 78" / 75cm x 200cm

  • Handmade by artisan family from Colombia


Product Care

High quality materials require high quality care! Follow our tips to ensure your home textiles stay soft and beautiful for many years to come!


Natural Dyes

All our products have been tested to be colorfast. However, natural dyes compared to synthetic dyes tend to fade in brightness with time, so please follow our wash instructions to ensure you enjoy your product for many years.


We can assure you that your product won’t run dye if you wash it carefully by hand with a PH neutral soap. Due to the natural dyes used in your products, colored water may run on the first washes, especially with indigo dyed fabric. This is completely normal and won’t stain other fabrics.


Air dry only! This will avoid shrinking and felting.

Sun Exposure

Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time. This will allow colors to fade in brightness faster.


Due to the handmade quality of our products, small alterations might appear in color and texture. We embrace this and it adds to the character of our products!


Fique Products

Fique is a natural rough fiber that requires little maintenance. To wash it simply use a wet rag with little soap and rub it directly. Wash off with wet rag and then dry with a drier cloth. Make sure the fibers are not wet before extending to air dry. This is crucial to avoid mold accumulating. That is it! These items are long lasting and colors will not fade as quick as with other fibers. Avoiding direct sunlight is still recommended for long lasting vivid colors.  

Curití Fique Runner Rug
Curití Fique Runner Rug
Curití Fique Runner Rug