Palm of Feronia and LIHA taking part to Art for Light Instagram Auction

We’re excited to see our brand partners Palm of Feronia and LIHA taking part to Art of Light, an International Instagram Auction that was born from the desire to spread light through art and objects. The highly curated auction will take place on Instagram on November 12-19. Over 100 artists and small brands from around the world are donating pieces that will be listed on the @artforlight Instagram.    

100% of sales from this auction will be donated to the environmental organisation Clean Air Task Force. In light of the devastation caused by climate change this year - from the fires in Australia, the Arctic, and the West Coast - their work is more vital now than ever before.   

There are two listing types: bidding - the highest bidder wins - and claiming - there are multiple available units of an item at a set price. Claiming and bidding happen directly in the comments, in USD. Payment is made as donations directly to the organisation. Winnings are shipped by contributors directly to winners after the auction has ended. Their first auction was in July and raised $23,000 USD divided between two organisations: National Black Justice Coalition and International Rescue Committee. Their goal for this auction is to raise $50,000 for CATF.   

Check out this incredible project and the amazing artists & brands taking part of it - website and IG @artforlight .  

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