Meet Still London, a cruelty-free, natural and vegan salon developing their own wellness products

Still London is a cruelty free, natural and vegan nail salon, treatment space and wellness store. They pride ourselves on giving a service that leaves their customers feeling the best they can be inside and out.

As an idea Still was founded in 2017 with the physical salon in Dalston, London, opening in early 2019. Since opening their first salon they have also had a pop up space in Mare Street Market in Hackney- both of these spaces have given them an opportunity to further spread calm and stillness throughout East London as well as offering an ethical and natural option for nails, treatments and products.  

They chose to open our first space in Dalston because it seemed like the perfect location to offer cruelty free, vegan and natural services and a wellness store. London suffers from extremely high levels of pollution and stress so it seemed even more important to offer people an opportunity for relaxation and natural self care. A moment of Stillness in the middle of one of the busiest and most stressful cities in the world. The salon is influenced heavily by their travels in England and Iceland with both places fuelling our inspiration in their raw natural landscapes, spellbinding plants and oceans.

The beauty industry is dominated by companies that have very little regard for their environmental and ethical impact on the world so from the first concepts for Still they have always tried to consider everything from the products they use to the type of towels in the salon. Everything they do is as sustainable and natural as possible with careful consideration to even the smallest details. They may be small but they are making the difference that they can and as they grow this difference will hopefully grow with them.  

Scent is at the heart of all their products as they have always valued the idea of using Still to help you take a moment out of your day to pause and reflect. Memories, feelings and experiences are all felt through scent and some of the best, worst and hardest things we go through have a scent associated with them. A cleverly formulated fragrance can make a person cry or laugh and is such a personal and unique journey we are honoured to take you on it.

As well as caring for the planet and the feelings of our customers they also make sure they look after their staff to continue through our ethical values to every aspect of Still. The salon provides relaxation for customers and staff with a range of herbal teas and is ritualistically smudged and scented daily to create a positive atmosphere of peace and relaxation that is vital to daily life. 

In the future they will continue to develop their range of wellness products and treatments as we learn more about the natural world and how it can influence our moods and feelings. By creating their wellness products they can hopefully export the feeling and connection they have made with their customers in their salon into the wider world whilst also offering a more ethically created and packaged product.  

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