Meet Hala, hala! the not-for-profit vintage + repurposed homewavers

The story behind Hala, hala! is a good one. The not-for-profit online store was born from a global pandemic, humanitarian crises and the biggest movement for Black lives of our time. In order to raise funds to donate to humanitarian causes, the passionate team behind Hala, hala! started to source unique vintage homewavers to repurpose and sell to new owners.  

Once or twice a month, founder Hana wakes up very early to travel to antiques markets as the sun rises. The energy, she says, is electric. Regulars know exactly what sellers they want to tackle and in which order. She, however, likes to move slowly. The purpose of Hala, hala! is not to make the most amount of money in the fastest possible time. They’re here to change the way we view beauty and value. For Hala, that starts with sourcing. So she meanders through the stalls until she sees something special. Sometimes she has an idea of what would be a good addition to their offering, but often she comes away with something very different than what she anticipated. The human connection and storytelling between buyer and seller also plays a charming part.   

Hala, hala! are volunteer run and donate 100% of their profits to humanitarian causes. In the past they supported groups such Black Minds Matter UK, a charitable fund built to connect Black individuals and families with free mental health services across the UK, and Rebuild Beirut, a branch of Live Love Lebanon that was established by the NGO in response to the devastating explosion in the port, August 4th 2020. They're always open to new suggestions and if you'd like to recommend an organisation you'd like to donate to through their purchases, leave a comment or send us a message.    

Discover Hala, hala! vintage pieces in our online store.  

Thank you for supporting. Lots of love x  🙏   

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