Hello February - we're ready for you

At Semi/Romantic they think transparency is sexy. Lingerie is an intimate thing. That’s why they love knowing about the women who wear their brand, and they want you to know them just as well. Semi/Romantic is a lingerie brand that always strives to be as open and honest about how and where they make their pieces as they are about who they are as a brand. When you slip into Semi/Romantic, you’ll look and feel good. But what’s more, you’ll do some good too. 


Let’s talk about the concept

Semi/Romantic is a conversation, and a conversation always has two sides. Their pieces are feminine and luxurious but not overtly suggestive. They’re comfortable, but they’re also elegant, and their passion for quality ensures they’ll be with you for years to come. Semi/Romantic is with you every day, everywhere. Because they’re not just a brand; they’re a lifestyle. They want you to feel like the best version of yourself, for yourself. They want you to feel effortlessly cool.   


Let’s chat about sustainability 

Though sustainability is the essential kernel of what Semi/Romantic stand for, they’ve got many other things to say. They are just as passionate about producing luxury lingerie of the highest quality. Their pieces are both beautiful and timeless, and their fabrics are as diverse as the women who wear them. They love that each of their fabrics – from the super-soft ribbed jersey to the delicate lace – are ethically produced. And we love that all these gorgeous, sustainable fabrics are stitched together by an incredible all-female team at their factory in Portugal. 


At Coral, we're excited to be introducing you to this sustainable luxury lingerie brand - born out of friendship and made with love. May be the month of February be full of grace and protected by love 🌷   


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