Clean and chic. Meet Alaena, an organic cosmetic brand run by a French family

First, Alaena is a family story. All their family was born in Biarritz, in Pays Basque. Together, they have one passion in common, surf. They travelled all around the world to practice their passion and to discover new cultures. Surf allows to realize that nature is an essential element and they need to take care of it. Their parents adopt a natural vision in their professional life and, together, they combine all of their competencies. A plastic surgeon, a dermatologist and three sisters, one pharmacist, one engineer of Centrale Paris and one HEC student. As a family, they are on one mission to reinvent beauty. 

Alaena SPA creation

September 2015. Alaena is the union of our three first names, Alaia, Hélène and Anne. They are inventors of an organic and medical cosmetic - hey created Alaena Spa. Located in Biarritz, in France, it is a new generation spa. Here, you are in an atypical place, innovative, around a global approach of beauty. They invite you to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Their practisers use aesthetic medical technics to offer a unique experience. 

Alaena cosmetic creation

In December 2018 they started Alaena Cosmetics. The brand offers a new cosmetology, without compromise. The founders could not feel good with conventional cosmetic, they had some doubt on green washing and they did not find secure and efficient products. Thanks to the expertise of their mother and two years of research and development, they select the best organic ingredients to bring you the most effective products available in the natural skincare market.
Their formulas are developed with vegetable oils and high quality floral waters without synthetic ingredients. Each ingredient has a specific purpose and a perfect affinity with the skin. They also elaborated a perfume with natural essence and a light texture to enhance your daily beauty routine. They want to be transparent with you. They are responsible for their formulas, their ingredients and their method of production. Development and production processes are realised in France. They respect the environment and your health.

Future with you

They would like to continue on this vision. They are committed to hold out their commitment towards a healthy and natural beauty, that their work will restore their trust in cosmetics and that skincare products will be seen as a benchmark in the medical field. They keep on undertaking further research to offer ever more high-performing ingredients and innovative natural textures. Finally, they are committed to create more transparent cosmetic, where each of us can make good and informed choices. 


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