CBD Coffee. Calm but kickass.

My Lifeline helps busy people take care of their body, mind and planet. It is a brand of ready-to-drink premium organic cold brew coffees that 

Christen Dali started in London in 2019. Their coffees are augmented with natural extracts and cannabidiol (CBD – a non-psychoactive compound extracted from hemp). 

Christen Dali lived in London for the past 10 years – working hard as a corporate banker, studying hard to qualify as a chartered accountant, and playing hard. Inn an interview with TechRound, she told that she's always loved being incredibly busy, synonymous with living, achieving and being happy. To some extent that has been true. Then in 2018 she had a series of medical investigations that made me realise that living at 100 miles an hour was not worth endangering her vital organs. She was after a compromise. She started paying attention to her physical and mental wellbeing for the first time she discovered CBD. She couldn’t understand why they were not talking more widely about a compound with so many possible benefits. She added it to some of her favourite drink – coffee – and it worked. The productive meeting the soothing. Self-care without stopping. Calm but kick ass!

When asked what advice she would give to other female entrepreneurs looking to start a business, Christen Dali suggests to start small. Make a small step towards your goals every day. She used to get paralysed by seeing all that others had accomplished and found peace by reminding herself of a ‘rule for life’ by Jordan B Peterson: compare yourself to who you were yesterday rather than who someone else is today.

In My Lifeline you can find high-quality cold brew coffee, which has a completely different taste profile to iced coffee - for the better. More flavours and collaborations are coming soon, stay tuned. 

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