Ara the Altar - the ethical, sustainable, handmade jewellery for your everyday wear

The concept of the Ara the Altar was inspired by the Ancient World’s perception of astronomy; Ara is a southern polar constellation which, in latin, means ‘The altar’. Ara was depicted in early illustrations as an altar with burning incense, rising smoke, or sacrificial offerings. Designer & Creator, Lauren’s interpretation of this translated into the sourcing, creating and offering of beautiful, unique objects for earth-aware individuals.

Lauren takes influence from astronomy, nature, and the ancient world’s fascinating relationship with both. Lauren’s aim is to tread lightly whilst creating eternal pieces that give the wearer a conscious connection with the beauty of our only planet.  

Embracing the slow fashion movement, every piece is made to order by Lauren in her workshop in Northwest England, using only 100% recycled solid silver & gold. With ethics and sustainability influencing every decision, careful considerations are made at every step of the production process, and thereafter, to mindfully manage the entire journey of every Ara the altar piece.

Ara the Altar is committed to using only 100% recycled precious metal to reduce waste, environmental impact and repurpose existing material into something beautiful, with a conscience. For longevity, all of their pieces are made from solid recycled silver or gold, never plated or gold filled. Upon reaching the end of its life, a piece of Ara adornment can be passed onto another or even melted down to be repurposed again. 

It is important to Lauren that Ara the altar does not support environmentally damaging practices that pull precious metal out of the earth. With plenty of material already in circulation, for Lauren, there is no justification for contributing to the level of harm caused by the precious metal and mineral mining industry.

From an ethical standpoint Lauren recognises the importance of Fairtrade certification mining to enable improved social conditions for workers. Yet, whilst contribution to the mining industry does not support these values concerning waste reduction and the environment, Lauren chooses to commit to working with recycled precious metal only.   

In addition to using only recycled precious metal in her own production practices, she also commit to using only recycled precious metal chains and findings (earring scrolls, earring posts and jump rings) to accompany her pieces. Lauren personally do not feel comfortable with contradicting her fundamental values by supplying non-recycled chains or findings with Ara the Altar pieces. For this reason, finding the right suppliers and making many of her own findings increases both the time and monetary investments required when creating her collections; these choices make Ara the altar the responsible brand that Lauren is proud to be developing. 

Similarly, when considering the clouded standards associated with the hugely destructive mineral mining industry, and the limited assurances offered by many suppliers, Ara the altar does not work with gemstones at present. 


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